Clock on ubuntu desktop

Since my upgrade from ubuntu 12.04 LTS to ubuntu 14.04 LTS I got some troubles with my clock. It didn’t showed up if I wanted to see the date.

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eid reader on ubuntu

Recently I tried to get my eid-reader working because I wanted to fill my taxes. My card reader seemed to be broken but even a new one didn’t want to work. It took me while to get it working so these are my steps. Maybe there are other people out there which can use this hints.
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Network renewing within virtual box

For some situations I use an ubuntu virtual machine on my macbook with oracle virtual box. Previously I always set the network bridged but recently I decided to try out the NAT-configuration. Using port forwarding made my virtual box accessible from outside. But it don’t worked like I expected. After resuming the system and changing the network and starting the virtual box again, my virtual environment could not connect to the environment. Finally I got it fixed and this is how.
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Make unity find your application

Maybe I am the only one wondering why unity doesn’t find all my applications when pressing the Super-key and starting to type. But maybe I’m not so let me tell you how you can add an application. You just have to create a desktop file and place it in ~/.local/share/applications/. That’s really the only thing you have to do. Btw, if you drag the desktop file to your unity launcher, it will stay there.

Adding personal startup scripts to ubuntu

It’s really been a while since my last post but I decided to get this moving again. I regularly need to remember something and this blog still is a good place to write stuff down.
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