Sending mail using postfix on macosx

Yet again it’s a while since my last post here although I had the intention to post more nerdstuff over here. But it just looks like I didn’t had enough news to post here. This one won’t be big either. It’s ratter a thank you.
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Network renewing within virtual box

For some situations I use an ubuntu virtual machine on my macbook with oracle virtual box. Previously I always set the network bridged but recently I decided to try out the NAT-configuration. Using port forwarding made my virtual box accessible from outside. But it don’t worked like I expected. After resuming the system and changing the network and starting the virtual box again, my virtual environment could not connect to the environment. Finally I got it fixed and this is how.
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Fixing ipv6 issues

Yesterday I discoverd my ipv6 wasn’t working anymore. My outgoing ipv6 connections got blocked when sending a sync so we needed some fixing. I’m really a big wizard in reading iptables but a nerd has to do what a nerd has to do.

My setup is based on a tunnel from tunnelbroker. My slug which runs openwrt creates the tunnel. Other systems use my slug as the ipv6 gateway. Don’t worry, it does more than only creating my tunnel.

Searching on what was going wrong with my ipv6 firewall, I noticed that only the SYN packets passed through the firewall. All responses and other related messages got blocket. While googling around to find more about ip6tables, I arrived back at the tunnelbroker website.

I dicided to check out if I didn’t made any mistakes on the addresses. There wasn’t any but when clicking on “example configuration” I found out there also was an example for openwrt backfire 10.03.1. Horay!

The only issue I had concerned the firewall setting. Earlier I removed the ‘wan’ section from the firewall as it wasn’t needed for ipv4. Missing that section, the command uci set firewall.@zone[1].network='wan henet' failed. Adding the wan zone again from /rom/etc/config/firewall it worked like a charm. Configuring the firewall using the webinterface and testing it using the tunnelbroker tools make me happy again.

Thanks again openwrt and tunnelbroker for the nice work!

Easily publish your website (part 1)

A while a ago I saw a post on twitter which I found fascinating. Okay that happens regularly, I have to admit. Some of them get saved somewhere in the cloud and get forgotten but others stay remembered. The tweet told me how to use git to manage a website which seemed to be a pretty nice idea. As stated today by garlicsim (and yes I found it on a twitter post by FarMcKon) git is more yummy than subversion. Especially if you can push your pages to another three where you don’t have to block any .svn directory… But there’s been another tweet by Ubuntuka which wanted me to combine them. And so this is my story on how to get it working.
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Make unity find your application

Maybe I am the only one wondering why unity doesn’t find all my applications when pressing the Super-key and starting to type. But maybe I’m not so let me tell you how you can add an application. You just have to create a desktop file and place it in ~/.local/share/applications/. That’s really the only thing you have to do. Btw, if you drag the desktop file to your unity launcher, it will stay there.

Adding personal startup scripts to ubuntu

It’s really been a while since my last post but I decided to get this moving again. I regularly need to remember something and this blog still is a good place to write stuff down.
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Installing ubuntu on eee pc

A long time ago, I replaced the original linux on my eee with easypeasy. Ubuntu recently released a new version with an Ubuntu Netbook Remix included so I decided to test it on my EEE 900. Maybe my notes can be helpful for some other people out there.
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