Linksys fun

I admit, I like the linksys product. Dispites the fact cisco will kill the linksys brandname I still like the product.
I replaced the original firmware from my linksys wrt54 GL by the openwrt software and today I decided to move over to the kamikaze branch. Downloading openwrt-brcm-2.4-squashfs.trx from was pretty easy. I used the webinterface of whiterussian to do the job which he did pretty correct. After rebooting the device, there was no response when trying to contact the webinterface.
It’s possible to use openwrt without the interface but I was pretty sharmed about webif2 so I installed the package I found on It worked without much problems but I couldn’t update a few packages. It needs further investigation.

Currently these are only a few links:

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