Ze hadden het er vandaag op radio 1 over: autisme op de werkvloer. Ik hoorde het onderweg naar het werk en ik dacht aan iets wat al een paar keer in me opkwam.

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Installing ubuntu on eee pc

A long time ago, I replaced the original linux on my eee with easypeasy. Ubuntu recently released a new version with an Ubuntu Netbook Remix included so I decided to test it on my EEE 900. Maybe my notes can be helpful for some other people out there.
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OpenID and stuff

Okay, I admid, there are a lot of blogs about openid out there. Take your favorite search engine and ask about it. You’ll get a lot of hits. Originally I thought it would be a good idea to use openid on sites where you have to register and certainly will forget the password next time to get there. You could use some stuff like keepass to remember the passwords but a global id would be easy.
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Kiss (part 2)

I previously tried to create an easy solution to detect if my computer was up and running but I got stuck with some interdomain related stuff. On my second try i was playing with iframes.
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Playing with imified

Online tools can be fun. I like making todo lists so that’s why I found “” but it would be nothing if there weren’t any cool other stuff available working with it. I arrived at with a few nice bots which I’m currently using to write this message :-)

Migrated weblog

I’ve been running wordpress for a while on a private server but I decided to migrate to public one. I think I’ll be able to replace all the ipx services by free public stuff but the migration isn’t finished yet.

Can i change the ROm language? – Mobility Today

Can i change the ROm language? – Mobility Today