eid reader on ubuntu

Recently I tried to get my eid-reader working because I wanted to fill my taxes. My card reader seemed to be broken but even a new one didn’t want to work. It took me while to get it working so these are my steps. Maybe there are other people out there which can use this hints.
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BerliOS Developer: Project Info – X-Wrt

BerliOS Developer: Project Info – X-Wrt
Nice tool to use with openwrt

WRT54GS fun

Usefull links while playing with linksys WRT54GS

Some slug changes

Situation 27/04/2006Finally, I took some time to work on my slug. There’s still a lot of work to do but now I have a powersupply based on an ATX powersupply using the standby and the reset buttom is replaced by a bigger one. I’m still waiting for my usb to sata controllers to get it all up and running. There’s more about my box on my SlugNix wiki

Logitech MX900 Bluetooth Optical Mouse on Linux

This link made it working but there some interesting stuff on linuxquestions to.
I got it working this way but I also wanted to get my gsm up and running. Searching for a solution to use my bt-mobile as a serial device. It’s in my wiki

Lite-on LDW 401S @ 411S @ 811S MOD

Lite-on LDW 401S @ 411S @ 811S MOD

Sometimes there are links you always forget…