eid reader on ubuntu

Recently I tried to get my eid-reader working because I wanted to fill my taxes. My card reader seemed to be broken but even a new one didn’t want to work. It took me while to get it working so these are my steps. Maybe there are other people out there which can use this hints.

One of the reasons I thought it was a hardware issue, was of because of a cross check. My cardreader used to work on os X but it even my mac refused to recognize the reader. I searched for some info on the product and the vasco digipass 905 seemed to be good documented. There was even a link about Installation instructions for using DIGIPASS 905 with Belgian eID cards. They even have linux instructions but they all redirect to the Fedict site. The linux instructions are easy:

  1. Get eid-archive
  2. Install it using dpkg -i eid-archive_2014.3_all_tcm406-250006.deb
  3. Run apt-get update
  4. Install the middle-ware by running apt-get install eid-mw
  5. I also installed the viewer by running apt-get install eid-viewer

After these instructions the eID viewer (eid-viewer) detected my card reader and could read my id-card. Firefox needed a restart to work correctly.  I have to admit, I first tried it in 32-bit virtual box because I was afraid it was a 64 bit but the same instructions worked in both environments.  So I got my brand new card reader working, but how about the old one? Well, that one also worked.

So I kept wondering: if my old reader still works, why can’t I use it on my mac? The instructions on the vasco installation page brought the solution. Installing the DIGIPASS PCSC daemon solution (pcscd_autostart.pkg) made both my card-readers work on osx. I couldn’t find an easy to find link so I hope vasco won’t rearrange their website very soon.

Update 2016-06-14: Almost the same instructions seems to work on Debian Jessie although it was hard to get the deamon restarted correctly.   Running sudo service pcscd restart did not work but pcsc_scan did recognize my cardreader after pluging it out and in again.


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