Sending mail using postfix on macosx

Yet again it’s a while since my last post here although I had the intention to post more nerdstuff over here. But it just looks like I didn’t had enough news to post here. This one won’t be big either. It’s ratter a thank you.

Playing around with mail servers has always been a bit of fun for me. It all started long ago playing with sendmail and meanwhile I’ve been using a few different ones. There’s a tag about using exim and mostly I’m just using the preferred mail server of the distribution I’m using. In some cases I switched because I wanted a funky feature which wasn’t provided.
Recently I tried to send out some mail from thunderbird on osx using my postfix server but that didn’t worked out as I expected. Originally I thought it just failed because of a wrong setting on my server. A little research learned me it was a HELO issue I was looking at. My server didn’t appriciated the EHLO message my PC was sending out. I googled around searching for the connection between postfix, EHLO and thunderbird but it didn’t worked out as fast I hoped. I searched for an answer but could not find it.
For some weird reason I got almost the same setup on a virtual machine running ubuntu. Using that setup, I perfectly could use my postfix server to send my mail to the world. Comparing the configurations gave me a big WTF. They were completely the same. Except from the fact it didn’t worked on osx. So I realized it had something to do with macosx and thunderbird.
Finally I arrived at the mozilla forums where I found a thread called and where rsx11m gave the answer I searched for. I used his instruction to change the HELO message my computer sends and it all worked like a charm. Thank you rsx11m!


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