Easily publish your website (part 1)

A while a ago I saw a post on twitter which I found fascinating. Okay that happens regularly, I have to admit. Some of them get saved somewhere in the cloud and get forgotten but others stay remembered. The tweet told me how to use git to manage a website which seemed to be a pretty nice idea. As stated today by garlicsim (and yes I found it on a twitter post by FarMcKon) git is more yummy than subversion. Especially if you can push your pages to another three where you don’t have to block any .svn directory… But there’s been another tweet by Ubuntuka which wanted me to combine them. And so this is my story on how to get it working.

The tweet by Ubuntuka brought me to jekyll which gave me a nice idea. I know there a lot of them in my closet but I thought I could realize this one pretty easy. Wiki syntax makes it easy to write some pages and the idea of rendering a markdown page on github is a nice idea but I had some problems in using the correct syntax. Using jekyll to test the pages locally sounded like a good idea. So I started installing following the instructions
Those instructions where actually easier than expected.
sudo apt-get install rubygems1.8
sudo gem install jekyll rdiscount

And after the installation I could already start testing jekyll. Even without creating the initial files, this command started my local webserver:
/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin/jekyll --server

As far as I see, it’s all I need. But actually I didn’t used the recommendation about how to use git to manage a website so I will have to take a look how to push it to my website. But before pushing it, I will have to import the current stuff and probably it will need a little cleanup. It’s been there for a while so probably some things are changed in the meantime.
My current provider does only provide ftp and it would really be cool to use location which I can access more easy. Maybe I can just move the site to my linksys NSLU2 which runs openwrt.
So yes, there will be next part. And I hope it will be there soon.

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