Installing ubuntu on eee pc

A long time ago, I replaced the original linux on my eee with easypeasy. Ubuntu recently released a new version with an Ubuntu Netbook Remix included so I decided to test it on my EEE 900. Maybe my notes can be helpful for some other people out there.

I’ve tried to download the image using the normal way but it got to slow. To bring something to the comunity, I used bittorrent to download the image. It went surprisingly fast. Installing was a lot harder.
Apparently I had to `dd` the image to a USB stick to have an installable image. My first try went wrong because of a broken dump of the image. I tried another one using an SD card and it couldn’t even install. I really had to use my usb SD card reader to perform a working installation. But finally it went correctly so after waiting half an hour my eee could be booted with the new ubuntu operating system. I liked it.
After logging in the desktop didn’t looked correct. I reused my home directory so there were some setting which were incorrect. I removed .gconf, .gconfd and .gnome2* and I got a new one. I realise this is not really a good fix, but it worked… and I lost my wireless network keys.


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