Some slug changes

Situation 27/04/2006Finally, I took some time to work on my slug. There’s still a lot of work to do but now I have a powersupply based on an ATX powersupply using the standby and the reset buttom is replaced by a bigger one. I’m still waiting for my usb to sata controllers to get it all up and running. There’s more about my box on my SlugNix wiki


TuxMobil: Linux Applications for Mobile Bluetooth(TM) Cell Phones

TuxMobil: Linux Applications for Mobile Bluetooth(TM) Cell Phones

Protomatter Free Software

Protomatter Free Software
Syslog for java

Device Inquiry With JABWT2C Sample Code

Klings- NoWires – Device Inquiry With JABWT2C Sample Code
java and bluetooth with code samples

tortoisesvn: Documents & files: binaries

tortoisesvn: Documents & files: binaries
installer files for TortoiseSVN
After searching I finally found it. tortoissvn64bit