The day of the organic shit. There’s a nice joke on Wulffmorgenthaler and I like the storewarsmovie to. Do you?


Synaptec on SuSE 9.2

I was searching for an easy way to duplicate a SuSE 9.2 server… so I went google-ling and found this solution: install synaptec, save the packagelist and install that list. I previously used yast2 but that piece of crap went wrong on updated packages. It didn’t found the package on the CD/DVD/ftp-server and skipped it. So I used synaptec…
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:: :: (music)

:: :: (music)
it’ s just crazy. I discovered the site hanging around on

Installing and running geeklog

I needed to change the wasstraat-site because I was the only one who could change the contents so I decided to use geeklog geeklog to do the job. First I had to do some changes on the php configuration:
php changes for wasstraat3

open_basedir /var/www/wim/:/usr/share
safe_mode_include_dir /usr/local

and created a configuration file in /var/www/wim/php/config.php. The sources are in /var/www/wim.
creating my own layout
I based the original version of the site on the prosimii design I found on the open webdesign page and wanted to use it again. The design can also be found here.
I started by copying the professional design and changing the header.thml and footer.thtml. To get the correct font in the tables I added this to my css:

table {
font: inherit;

I wanted the menuitems autogenerated but I didn’t found how I had to do it. I asked it on the forum but I got a helping answer on the #geeklog by tokyoahead. I added this code to CUSTOM_menuEntries in lib-custom.php:

$sql = "SELECT * FROM ".$_TABLES['topics'].COM_getPermSQL(); # get all allowed topics

if ($_CONF['sortmethod']=='alpha') { # sort topics according to config.php setting
$sql.=' ORDER BY topic ASC;';
} else {
$sql.=' ORDER BY sortnum;';

$result = DB_query($sql);

for($i=0; $i $_CONF['site_url'].'/?topic='.$B[0], # link
'label' => $B[1]);

And don’t forget to add $_TABLES to the globals. After modifying config.php I could use my own menuoptions by using {menu_elements} in my header.thtml. I modified all the menu* files to use a pipe as separator.
More on my local wiki
the geeklog site

TuxMobil: Linux Apps for Siemens Cell Phones

TuxMobil: Linux Apps for Siemens Cell Phones
Let’s hack my phone ;-) Especialy the siefs seems to be cool but it’s yet not ported to 2.6-kernel.

Mozilla :: Extensions — JustBlogIt

If the JustBlogIt for mozilla works, then I’ll have to use it on firefox :-)

A first blog from the gnome panel

I made the necessary modifications to my gnome-blog configuration to make this stuff works. This is the important part:

blog-type: self-run other
blogprotocol: MetaWeblog
xml-rpc url:

Just pretty cool.